Organic Sesame Seeds 200g

Sesame seeds come from the sesame plant, which is grown in China and India, as well as Central and South America. The seeds are rich in minerals, vitamin E, polyunsaturated fatty acids and protein. Organic sesame seeds from Svansø have not had their husks removed, and therefore have a higher content of iron and calcium than shelled sesame seeds. 

Sesame seeds are typically used for baked goods and in many Asian dishes. If they are roasted briefly in a frying pan before use, the sesame flavour is enhanced significantly. 

Nutritional content per 100g:
Energy 2501 KJ (606 kcal)
Fat 54 gram
- here of saturated acids 9 gram
Carbohydrate 1,2 gram
- here of sugars 0,2 gram
Dietary Fiber 13 gram
Protein 22 gram
Salt 0,004 gram
Organic Sesame Seeds 200g