Garlic with Paprika and Chilli 195g

To ensure the best possible taste sensation, we use only small, crisp garlic cloves for our marinated garlic products. The small cloves make for a superior taste sensation than the large, soft cloves typically used in cheaper makes of marinated garlic.

We have seasoned the garlic with paprika and a little chilli, which, together with the oil marinade, give the garlic a slightly piquant but by no means strong taste. The marinated garlic can be eaten as a snack in the same way as olives, but it also lends itself well to green salads and pasta dishes, as well as as an accompaniment to fish and meat.

Nutritional content per 100g:
Energy 628 KJ (150 kcal)
Fat 3,2 gram
- here of saturated acids 0,2 gram
Carbohydrate 23 gram
- here of sugars 0,6 gram
Dietary Fiber - gram
Protein 5,9 gram
Salt 2,5 gram
Garlic with Paprika and Chilli 195g