Grilled Artichokes 280g

We have done all the hard work of cleaning and peeling the artichokes, and then cutting them into suitable pieces and grilling them over a large grill for 5-10 minutes. The grilled artichokes are then put in a jar with an oil marinade flavoured with carefully selected herbs.

Use the grilled artichokes as a delicate and exciting ingredient in your green salad, or enjoy it as a garnish for grilled meats and vegetables. Or why not try it as an ingredient for a homemade version of the famous Italian Capricciosa pizza?
Nutritional content per 100g:
Energy 505 KJ (122 kcal)
Fat 11 gram
- here of saturated acids 1,0 gram
Carbohydrate 2,0 gram
- here of sugars 0 gram
Dietary Fiber - gram
Protein 2,4 gram
Salt 3,0 gram
Grilled Artichokes 280g