Sun-dried Tomatoes 200g

The harvesting of sun-ripe tomatoes typically takes place in August and September. The harvested tomatoes are halved and laid out in the sun under large nets. They are left to dry here for around 2 days, after which they are ready for further processing.

To make them easier to use, we have cut the sun-dried tomatoes into slices and put them in an oil marinade together with exquisite herbs and a single clove of garlic. This recipe ensures you juicy, tasty sun-dried tomatoes, which can be used in virtually all Mediterranean meat dishes.
But feel free to try them as a splash of flavour in a green salad or a delicious sandwich.
Nutritional content per 100g:
Energy 986 KJ (238 kcal)
Fat 17 gram
- here of saturated acids 1,8 gram
Carbohydrate 14 gram
- here of sugars 12 gram
Dietary Fiber - gram
Protein 3,3 gram
Salt 3,0 gram
Sun-dried Tomatoes 200g