The history behind the Svansø brand


Svansø dates back to 1975 when the company was founded by Peder Svansø and his wife Hanne. Back then, pasta, sun-dried tomatoes and olive oil were largely unheard of in Danish kitchens, but Peder Svansø saw a gap in the market and imported these specialties from Italy, initially selling them to restaurants and wholesalers. Peder Svansø was therefore one of the first to bring Mediterranean cuisine to Denmark during the 80s.

Peder Svansø was an enterprising businessman who wanted to diversify the business in several areas. So, during the 90s, he took over three factories which, among other things, made jams and dressings. However, it was important to Peder Svansø that only quality products carried his name. So then, as it is today, the focus was on the taste sensation and the carefully selected quality ingredients.
Since the early 00s, Svansø has become an established and well-known brand in the Danish retail trade, and to this day Svansø remains hugely popular with customers in the Danish supermarkets and discount chains. The range has grown dramatically, and today embraces many different categories – from Brazilian burnt figs and grilled artichokes from Italy to Danish heather honey from the moors of Jutland.
In 2005, when Peter Svansø turned 71, Svansø Food A/S was sold to Danish-owned Scandic Food A/S, but the original “Svansø spirit” lives on in the brand, i.e. the requirement for high quality and a great taste sensation!