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High quality gives good taste

In 1975, Svansø was founded by the married couple Hanne and Peder Svansø, where they imported specialities from Italy with their sense of good taste and high quality. In this way, Svansø was a pioneer in the field, and they were at the forefront of spreading knowledge of southern cuisine in Denmark.

Today, we continue to build on our years of expertise in good taste and quality. It permeates everything we do - and you can taste it. At Svansø , we believe that high quality delivers great taste, and this is at the heart of all our products.


At Svansø , everything we do is based on the original Svansø spirit.

Since 1975, we have been passionate about bringing good taste to Danish dining tables. Although much has changed since then, this remains our mission now - and in the future.

As the world changes and new standards are demanded, we have embarked on a new adventure. We want to be Denmark's leading provider of green food experiences. Because at the end of the day, we want green living to be a joy, and we also believe that choosing a green lifestyle should be both easy and tasty.

A green lifestyle is not only good for the planet - it's also good for your health. That's why we're dedicated to creating tasty, green products that can both support and enhance your green lifestyle in everyday life.



Svansø is founded by Hanne and Peder Svansø

Svansø was founded in 1975 by Hanne and Peder Svansø. At that time, pasta, sun-dried tomatoes and olive oil were largely unknown in Danish cuisine, and Peder Svansø saw an opening in the market. He therefore imported these specialities from Italy and sold them initially to restaurants and wholesalers. Peder Svansø was thus one of the pioneers who spread southern cuisine in Denmark throughout the 1980s.


Svansøs location in Nyborg

In 1983, Svansø is located on Strandvejen in Nyborg.


Svansø takes over 3 factories during the 90s

Peder Svansø was an enterprising businessman who wanted to expand the business with more product categories. During the 1990s, he therefore took over three factories, which were able to produce, among other things, jam and dressing. However, it was important to Peder Svansø that only quality products could bear his name. Therefore, there was already a great focus on the interaction between quality raw materials and taste, which is also true today.


Svansø takes over Miko Konserves

One of the factories that Svansø took over in the 1990s was Miko Konserves, which was located at Sdr. Højrupvejen 39A in Pederstrup.


Svansø brand achieves high awareness in retail

Since the early 00s, Svansø has become an established and well-known brand in the Danish retail sector, and today Svansø is very popular among customers in Danish supermarket and discount chains. The range has grown to encompass many different categories - from Brazilian roasted figs and grilled artichokes from Italy to aioli with organic garlic from Denmark.


Peder Svansø turns 71 and Svansø is sold to Good Food Group

In 2005, Peder Svansø turned 71, and in the same year the Svansø brand was sold to the Good Food Group. The brand continues today in the original "Svansø spirit" - with the mantra that high quality gives the right taste experience.

Certified quality

Our certifications

At Svansø we care about the taste and quality of our products. Our products are therefore constantly checked in accordance with current standards and regulations,
Our IFS certification helps to ensure high quality and food safety in production. Several of our products are also labelled with either the Danish or the European organic label, which is your guarantee of our care for nature.

Control report

Here you can read Svansø 's latest inspection report.

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IFS Certification means uniform food, product and service standards. IFS-certified companies produce products and provide a service that meets customer specifications.

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The EU organic logo is a label that shows that a product is organic and that it has been produced and controlled in accordance with the EU organic regulation.

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Svansø is approved for organic production of honey by the Food Agency according to the rules of EU Regulation No 834/2007 of 28 June 2007. The E-label can only be affixed in Denmark by an establishment subject to organic inspection by the Danish authorities.

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At Svansø , we are deeply passionate about everything we do. Our products are full of great taste and are based exclusively on pure, high-quality raw materials. We want healthy living to be a joy, and whether you're looking for flavourful accompaniments to your dishes or dreaming of becoming a master baker in your own kitchen, we've got the green solutions for you.

Svansø is good food in good company. That's why we've collected some great inspiration on how to create tasty dishes that create a good atmosphere around the dinner table. You can explore our wide range of delicious oils, dressings and soups, as well as specialities such as aioli and pesto. You can also be inspired by our tasty recipes and read more about the ingredients and history behind Svansø.

Welcome to our universe of good taste and green solutions!