Raw materials that taste

The secret of our tasty products is carefully selected quality ingredients put together in just the right way. Ever since Svansø was founded in 1975, our chefs and product developers have worked tirelessly to develop high-quality products and to create a taste experience that is second to none.

Just like then, Svansø is produced in Denmark today, so we are very close to the production.

Come behind the scenes

For those who work professionally with food

At Svansø we have a wide range of products for you who work in a professional kitchen. We have products to inspire your cooking and packaging to make your workflow easier.

We have a wide range of both organic and conventional products - depending on your needs. You can get our products in several different sizes and packaging types.

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Good taste helps to eat more healthily

Taste and texture have a big impact on the eating experience and also on how healthy we eat. More vegetables can easily be eaten when taste and texture are taken into account, and this can be a big help in reaching the 600 grams of fruit and vegetables a day.

If you taste your food with the basic flavours of sour, sweet, salty, bitter and umami in mind, and you also have different types of texture present, then you've already come a long way!

Here you can find inspiration on how to start tasting your food, and here you can learn a little more about the importance of texture in the eating experience.

5 basic flavours - and one extra!

The basic flavours are the foundation of the tasting, and in addition to the 5 basic flavours you can also work with the flavour "strong", which can help to enhance the other flavours if dosed correctly.

Turn the wheel and get inspired to work with the basic flavours and complete the taste experience of your food!