Behind the taste

The sweet taste

Sweetness as a "spice" in savoury dishes is often an overlooked element that can lift the flavour to new heights if dosed right. Sweetness helps to satisfy all the senses during the meal, stimulating the sweet tooth during the meal itself and reducing the craving for sweets after a meal.

In tasting, sweetness gives more depth to the flavour, and sweetness rounds off both sour and bitter flavours, so there is a better balance.

If a dish has become too sweet in taste, it can add some bitterly or sour to create a better balance.


When you want a little more sweetness in your food, you can choose one or more of these sweet ingredients as an ingredient in the dish when you taste it.

5 basic flavours - and one extra!

The basic flavours are the foundation of the tasting, and in addition to the 5 basic flavours you can also work with the flavour "strong", which can help to enhance the other flavours if dosed correctly.

Turn the wheel and get inspired to work with the basic flavours and complete the taste experience of your food!