Behind the taste

The salty taste

Salt is the world's most widely used spice and is used in almost every form of food production and as a seasoning in kitchens all over the world. The Danish Health Authority recommends reducing salt intake, which is another reason to work with the other basic flavours to make food taste more like you, without necessarily needing extra salt. For example, umami can enhance saltiness, and salt also enhances umami, so it's a good idea to incorporate umami into your tasting if you want to save a little on salt.

If a dish has become too salty, the salty taste can be balanced with acid. An old trick is also to add raw potato if, for example, a soup or sauce has become too salty, and let the potato cook with it so that it absorbs some of the salt.


Salt is not just salt. As well as different types of salt, you can also add more saltiness by seasoning with one or more of these ingredients.

5 basic flavours - and one extra!

The basic flavours are the foundation of the tasting, and in addition to the 5 basic flavours you can also work with the flavour "strong", which can help to enhance the other flavours if dosed correctly.

Turn the wheel and get inspired to work with the basic flavours and complete the taste experience of your food!