Great tastes for you who work professionally with food

At Svansø we have a wide range of tasteful products for you who work in a professional kitchen. Great taste and quality are at the heart of all our products, and we are dedicated to making your workflow easier through great packaging and delicious inspiration.

Want to dabble even more in "good taste"? Then try our taste wheel here and get to know the different basic tastes even better.

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Meet us at the fairs and be inspired by our products

During the year we participate in a number of different fairs. Come and taste our products and be inspired to use them in your kitchen. We're always happy to have a chat about how you can use our products and what types of packaging best suit your needs.

Food Expo Held on: 17/03/2024 Address: MCH Messecenter Herning Vardevej 1 7400 Herning Denmark, Denmark Visit the website

The foodservice industry's digital meeting place

The Food Workshop Online is an inspiration forum where everything is gathered from recipes, inspirational articles, product information and much more.

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