Dried Apricots
Dried fruit

Dried Apricots

Nutritional content per 100 g

Energy 1043 kJ / 248 kcal
Cool 1,7 g
- of which saturated fatty acids 0,1 g
Carbohydrates 64 g
- of which sugars 43 g
Protein 3,5 g
Salt 0,05 g
Dietary Fibre 9,3 g

Product information

Svansøs large dried apricots are great as a fibre-rich healthy snack. If cut into strips or cubes, they are also suitable in cooking as a salad topping, the sweet element in baked rolls and in muesli.

  • Used as a sweet snack
  • In green salads
  • For baked goods
  • Chop them finely and also use them as a topping on various breakfast cereals

Apricots without stones, preservative: SVOVLDIOXID, rice flour. Stones and stone residues may occur.


Contains: Sulphur dioxide and sulphites

Weight: 800 g
Storage: Storage: dry and not too warm
EAN: 05760932017716
Item no: 400676
Minimum durability: 360 days from production

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