Tapas time

Is there anything better than forgetting the time on the terrace on a summer evening, enjoying a good glass of wine and eating food that never starts or ends, but lasts as long as you want?

Sipping, sipping, chatting and gossiping until the glass is empty and the sun has gone down? Share good food with good people?

Here you will find tapas recipes that you can easily turn into your very own tapas time.

  • Choose your tapas recipes
  • Supplement with delicious dips, nuts, bread and vegetables
  • Serve and enjoy in good company

Tapas time is snack time

A spicy, crunchy snack is the perfect appetizer for tapas.

For example, try serving spicy nuts on the grill - crunchy, spicy nuts and almonds roasted on the grill with chilli, honey and salt.

Or maybe try making homemade chips with aioli - or crispy pesto twisters - all great ideas for a light, crunchy snack that works well both before dinner and as part of the tapas table.


What is tapas?

Did you know that tapas originally means lid in Spanish? It is believed that the word's use in connection with food originated in Andalusia. Here, thin bread or ham was used as a lid on glasses to keep insects out of the sherry.

Small dishes - big taste

Tapas time offers a variety of small dishes, all with lots of flavour. It's a good idea to vary the dishes so that different flavours and ingredients are represented.

Green dishes are an obvious choice for tapas, and dressings, pesto and aioli make it easy to add extra flavour. Try stuffed mushrooms with chilli pesto - an umami bomb that can be cooked on the grill or in the oven. Or maybe you'd like to try the bruschetta with tomato, cheese and pesto?

Find inspiration for small, easy and tasty dishes so you can quickly and easily be ready to invite guests for a lovely tapas time.





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