Nuts, kernels and seeds


Nutritional content per 100 g

Energy 1914 kJ / 463 kcal
Cool 31 g
- of which saturated fatty acids 2,9 g
Carbohydrates 6 g
- of which sugars 0,5 g
Protein 25 g
Salt 0,01 g
Dietary Fibre 30 g

Product information

Flaxseed is high in healthy polyunsaturated fats and dietary fibre - 28 grams of fibre per 100g of seed. In addition, flaxseeds "bind" fat, which means that the body does not absorb all the fat and energy from flaxseed-containing foods. This property also has a good effect on blood cholesterol. There are many benefits to using flaxseeds in your cooking and they are especially good in delicious baked goods.

  • Suitable for baked goods such as coarse bread, stone-age bread and crispbread
  • Use in muesli and granola

Flaxseed. May contain traces of mustard, sesame, almonds, hazelnuts, hazelnuts, cashew nuts, pecans, pistachios, peanuts and walnuts.


May contain: Cashew nut , Hazelnut , Peanut , Almonds , Pecan , Pistachio , Walnut , Sesame seeds , Nuts , Mustard

Weight: 400 g
Storage: Storage: dry and not too warm.
EAN: 05760932013084
Item no: 440537
Minimum durability: 540 days from production

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