Tasty specialities for the tapas table

Good food doesn't have to be difficult. At Svansø , we focus on what really matters: good food in good company. What could be more ideal for an evening of good company than a delicious tapas table full of all kinds of specialities?

At Svansø we have a wide selection of delicious specialities for the perfect tapas evening. By using the best ingredients, we can offer you unexpected and delicious flavours that will take your tapas evening to new heights.

Nice snacks for tapas

With our wide range of aioli, toppings and specialities at Svansø you have plenty of opportunities to invite your loved ones for a wonderful tapas evening under the evening sun, or you can use them as a flavour boost in a delicious sandwich.

In the range you will find everything you need to create wonderful, memorable experiences. The products can easily be used as they are, but they can also be used in other delicious contexts. Below you'll find inspiration for recipes that are perfect for the tapas table.


Here you will find our tapas specialties

Below, you can see where you can find the delicious products on the shelves to create a cozy tapas evening.