Sweeten the winter with delicious cakes

With winter comes indoor cosiness - and if there's one thing that can bring cosiness indoors, it's the smell of freshly baked cakes straight from the oven.

At Svansø we love good baked goods. That's why we've collected our favourite baking recipes on this page, so you can treat your loved ones to delicious baked goods. You'll find everything from a lovely spiced Christmas cake, to delicious cookies, great everyday cakes like this luxury dream cake and little masterpieces perfect for dessert. Be inspired by our many recipes below.

Delicious products for your bakery

Create both large and small masterpieces with our baking range.

At Svansø we have a wide range of products for baked goods. From delicious nuts and seeds suitable for baking, to wonderful specialities that can really take your cakes to the next level.

In the range of specialities you will find everything from delicious and colourful freeze-dried berries to Brazilian roasted figs with caramel, dried apricots and much more. Everything you need to create flavourful cakes to spoil and impress your loved ones. See much more about our products below.